GPrinter Ethenet/USB port installation manual

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GPrinter Printer Installation Manual

  1. Power on the printer, connect the printer using cable to router (Not your device)
  2. Check printer ip address.

Default printer ip address is, you can confirm it via print a Self test page.

Power off the printer, then press “Feed” button in front and hold it, power on, release “Feed” button after 6 seconds, it should print a long page and find the IP address on it.

My example the ip address is

  • Check your device network address, if you do not know, google it. (in windows system  Run cmd and run ipconfig)

My network is

  • Now we need change ip address of device (Not printer) to the same net section as the printer

If you do not know, google it how to change ip address in windows.

Here is how I setup my IP address

OK, now the device IP is, now they can communicate now,

Go back the to IP tool fold, click “GPETHERNET.exe”,

It display the printer IP address is, click “Connect Test” it should pop “Connect successfully”, click “Print” or “Cut Paper” it also should work.

Now we need change printer’s IP to, click “Set New IP Address”

You should be able to hear a beep from printer.

Change the device IP to its original state,

Now if you restart GPETHERNET.exe and change “Printer Current IP address” to, click “Connect Test”, if it succeeds, then now the printer and device are now in right network section and connected.

Next step is to connect the printer with window

Go to and download it.

Unzip it and run “JIABO – Thermal Printer Driver V19.3.exe”, click next to this step,

Click “Install Printer Driver” , choose right module

You can find the model from the back of the printer, for C881, you can choose GL80180 or CL80180 Series

Click Next and then click “Create Port”

Choose Standard TCP/IP Port, use the printer’s IP we assigned just now,

when come to select Driver, choose generic printer driver,

now there is new port in the dialog,select it

Then click “Install” til it’s completed.

Now go to windows -> Printer and scanner, you should be able to see it and print test page without problem.

It’s done, good luck.