XPrinter Wifi printer installation manual

This demos is using N160ii wifi printer from XPrinter, but it is more or less to other XPrinter wifi printers.

A.Setup the printer to print using USB Cable

Download printer driver from Here


Unzip it.

Connect the printer with your device using usb cable, power on the printer.

Double click XP80 Driver Setup V7.77.exe, and click a few simply button and then you should be ablet to see this page

Select your window OS, printer interface is USB and XP-80C which is for auto-cut option.

Set Default printer if you want.

Click “Check USB Port” if you want to check the printer is connecting to device.

Click “Install now”

Now you can configure through property page, if no problem, you should be able to “Print Test Page” without any problem.

  • Make your device can communicate with wifi printer

Still Connect the printer with your device using usb cable, power on the printer.

Download ip tool from our website, unzip it.


Run Xprinter.exe

Now you can see an UI like this,

Make sure USB port is selected, and Printer type is XP-80, if you click “Print” then it should print some thing and work as well for “cut paper”.

As the UI displays the local IP address is your pc / laptop ip address, you need make a note, so take a screenshot of this UI.

Important:Your device may have more than one ip address,must use the wifi ip4 address.  

The printer default ip address is, so first step is to change local device IP into the same section as the printer.

Go to control panel -> network and internet-> and find the ip4 address for your wifi,  if you do not know how to do this, please refer to this page


Now change the ip address to 192.168.123.???  , you can use any address from to as your local ip address.

Here is one example

Now go back to xprinter.exe, click Advanced-> set Net, and see this configuration

Try to set it like above,  the IP address will be new printer ip address,

SSID and wifi key is the one your device is connecting to,

Then click “Setting All”.

If there is nothing wrong, you should be able to hear a few beeps from printer; if there is no beep, there must be something wrong.

Now press the Hold button in front of the printer, restart and keep holding this button for 6 seconds and then release it, the printer should print a self-test page, check the ip address whether new ip is printed here.

Now reset the ip address to it’s original via going to control panel -> network and internet and select Obtain an IP address auto

OK, now the printer and your device are in the same IP section so they can connect.

B. Create a printer port.

Go to Printers & Scanner in your windows, click “add a printer or scanner”, click “the printer that I want is not listed”, then

Select the option as above,

PS. The hostname and IP address must be new printer ip address

Wait for detecting TCP/IP PORT finish.

Select Custom and click next

Select POS-80 and click next

And name the printer whatever you like

Continue to click next til you see this page, click “print a test page”

It should print a test page.

Now you can disconnect USB port from device.

It is done, good luck.