80mm-58mm Thermal Receipt Printer MSP-UE8200 with USB Port & Net Port



  • Ethernet Interface: Standard Ethernet interface.
  • USB Interface:Standard USB interface
  • Print method: direct thermal
  • Print paper width: 79.5±0.5mm
  • Print density: 8 dots/mm, 576 dots/line
  • Print speed: Max 200mm/s
  • Reliability

(1)Print Head Life:150km

Using condition:

* Print 12 × 24 ASCII characters, print 50 lines each time, intermittent print repeatedly

* Use specified thermal paper

(2)Cutter Life: 1500,000 cuts

179(L)mm×152(W) mm×118 (H)mm

Way of self-test: hold down【FEED】button and turn on the power, self-test begins automatically at this moment.